Islam vs. Christianity: What's the Difference?

Islam - Means "submission". It is not just a religion, but an all-encompassing identity that wields absolute power over every aspect of life.

Muslim - "One who submits". Despite his devotion, the Muslim is never secure in his relationship with Allah.

Allah - The Muslim word for their god. Allah is a wrathful god of judgment who is unapproachable by man. There is no such thing as a
"personal relationship" with Allah. The concept of the Triune God (Trinity) of Christianity is a blasphemous idea to the Muslim.
Muslims live in constant fear of Allah. Allah & the God of the Bible are NOT the same deity.

Muhammad - Founder of Islam; born in Mecca 570 AD. Claimed to be "the Prophet" of Allah, to have received Allah's final message in the
Qur'an & called to restore the one true religion of Islam throughout the earth.

Mosque - "Place of prostration & gathering". Goal of the mosque is to teach & implement submission to Allah & his law (Shari'ah) throughout
the world.

Qur'an - (Koran) Means "recitation". Claimed to be given to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. Original is claimed to be in heaven. Cannot be
touched by human hands unless washed. Officially in Arabic only.

Hadith - Contains the Sunnah, or "The Tradition of Muhammad". 2nd only to the Qur'an & equally utilized in formation of Islamic Shar'ia law.
Many practices of Islam not found in the Qur'an are from the Hadith

Isa - Jesus' name in the Qur'an. Known to Muslims as one of the great prophets.

Five Pillars - 1) The Confession "shahada": "There is no Allah but Allah, & Muhammad is his Prophet".

2) Prayer "salat": Muslims must pray 5 times per day at prescribed times facing Mecca.

3) Fasting "ramadan": Ramadan is an entire month designated for fasting.

4) Almsgiving "zakat": Muslims must give 2.5% of their income to charity.

5) Pilgrimage "hajj": Every able Muslim must go to Mecca & pay homage once in their lifetime.

Jihad - "Struggle". Sometimes called the 6th Pillar of Islam. The Qur'an commands jihad from every Muslim.

Hijra - "The migration" of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. The Hijra continues today as migratory jihad.

Sunni / Shiite - The 2 main Islamic sects or denominations.

Sunnis - Comprise most of the world's Muslims. They accept the "caliphs" in direct succession from Muhammad & no others. In other words, they claim authority
from Muhammad alone without further revelation from teachers.

Shiites - Are the second largest sect of Islam. Much more literal than Sunnis in their interpretation of the Qur'an yet the Shiites accept inspired teachings from
the Imams who are descendents of Ali (Muhammad's son-in-law). These Imams claim to possess secret words of knowledge passed down directly from
Muhammad for communication to the faithful. These Imams are considered to be Allah's emissaries.

Mahdi - "Mahdiism" is a tradition of the Shia sect which teaches that the Twelve Imams (mentioned above) who are descendents of Ali passed on divine authority over
Islam to the Shiite clerics - the Ayatollahs. The 12th IMAM (Muhammad Al-Mahdi) mysteriously disappeared in 941 AD, & the Muslims are to prepare for & await his
return to earth. The 12th IMAM - or MAHDI - is a type of "Messiah" in Shia Islam. NOTE: Iran is controlled by Mahdiism, & the President of Iran serves under the
authority of the Shiite Ayatollahs. Iran is an ISLAMIC THEOCRACY.

MUHAMMAD SAYS: (from the Qur'an)

"Oh mankind. I am the messenger of Allah to you all..." Sura 7: 158

"Say to the unbelievers, if they desist from unbelief, their past will be forgiven, but if they persist...fight & kill them until there is no more tumult or dissention
and that everywhere religion will be unto Allah." Sura 8: 38-39

"...fight & kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, & seize them...lie in wait for them...if they repent, & establish regular prayers, & practice charity,
then they are your brethren..." Sura 9: 5, 11.

"If anyone desires...other than this life and the hereafter, he will be...condemned." Sura 3:85

GOD SAYS: (from the Holy Bible)

"...every spirit that does not confess that Jesus...has come in the flesh is not of God...this is antichrist" I John 4:3

"Behold My Servant whom I uphold, My Elect One in Whom My soul delights!" Psalm 42:1

"Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life, no one comes to the Father but by Me." John 14:6

"Seek the LORD while He may be found...and He will have mercy...for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

1. The mosque is the centerpiece of a total life system called Islam. It is not simply a place of worship. (p.3)

2. The mosque is the center of learning & submission to Allah, which includes the implementation of jihad to bring the whole earth under the
Islamic domination of Shari'ah Law. (p.30-33 & 41-42)

3. Islam views the world in only 2 ways: Dar Al Islam (House of Islam) or Dar Al Harb (House of War). Since the whole world has been given to
Muhammad by Allah, it is the duty of all Muslims to engage the House of War (all non-Muslims) through jihad in order to turn the world
into the House of Islam. Islam must be supreme according to Muhammad, & so all Muslims are in a constant state of war with Christians &
other infidels. (p. 44-45)

4. Muhammad commanded his followers to rid the world of infidels (all non-Muslims) by jihad. (p. 41-44)

5. People are "free" to convert to Islam, but no Muslim is ever free to leave Islam. (p.18)

6. While some Muslims may desire more moderate practices in Islam, history has proven that such proposals will be defeated & eliminated
by fundamental Islam based on teachings of the Qur'an & Hadith. (p.5-6)

7. Ideals such as freedom & choice do not exist in Islam - in fact, they are condemned. (p.15)

8. In nations under Shari'ah Law (Saudi Arabia & Iran for example), a Muslim who converts to another faith will receive the death penalty. (p.16)

9. ALL Muslims are obligated to emulate the prophet Muhammad in word & deed. (p.34)

10. Takiyya - "caution; disguise". The allowance by Muhammad to suspend normal morals of the Qur'an by Muslims (such as honesty, integrity,
etc.) in order to effectively engage infidels. This means that Muslims can legally lie to any non-Muslim about anything (including treaties
with nations and organizations like the U.N.) if it protects them and/or promotes the cause of Allah. (p. 58-59)

11. 6 main types of JIHAD: (p. 51-52)

by tongue

by pen

by immigration - Hijra (migratory jihad). This is the current plight of Europe & growing now in America. Muslims ultimately do
not immigrate simply for a better life - it is a form of gradual occupation.

by finances

in one's being

by self-sacrifice - Jihad 'a nafas. Suicide / homicide bombings.

12. "Migration precedes jihad by sacrifice ... & helps to dismantle & finally annihilate the existing socio-political system of a non-Muslim
society." - S. Solomon (p. 54)

13. "Islam will rule & be lord of the world...Europe will be occupied, Christians will be defeated..."
~ Sheikh Qardawi in his fatwa issued Feb. 27, 2005

14. "You think we Muslim Turks come here only for employment & to gather the crumbs of your money? No, we are coming here
to take control of your country and by being rooted here, & then building what we see as appropriate - & all that with your
consent & according to your laws." ~ Najmadin Erbakan (ex "moderate" Turkish Prime Min.)

Solomon, Sam & Almaqdisi, E. The Mosque Exposed, ANM Press, Charlottesville, VA. 2006 (NOTE: Sam Solomon is an ex Muslim convert to Christianity. He is a legal expert
in Shari'ah Law & works as an advisor for *ANM to heads of state in Europe to educate governments about the realities of Islamic immigration). * Advancing Native Missions. Most quotes & all page numbers listed are from this book.
Deodatus, M.B. "Deo". How to Win a Muslim to Christ, Printed in the mission fields of Africa by an ex-Imam now with Int'l Christian Ministries
Martin, Dr. Walter. The Kingdom of the Cults, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN. 1985.
Israel My Glory (periodical). Friends of Israel Gospel ministry, Inc., Wesville, NJ.

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